What is Computer Virus, Computer Malware ? Everything about Computer virus

Everything about Computer virus Full Information

Computer Virus , We all heard this word many times but still have not bothered about it or try resolve it. we all its harms our Personal Computer / laptops but do we know what computer virus really is ?


Computer Virus full information : 

Suppose your PC some applications or functions stopped working , shows system error or bugs or suddenly its becomes slow, some files delete or corrupt suddenly and the worst system crash happens , then we starts to think Is there any Virus or Malware attack on my PC. Then we start research on Google about the viruses and its way of corrupting ?

But if we know this form now we will not face this kind of trouble in coming days .

So lets see

  • What are Computer Virus ?
  • How many types of Computer Virus ?
  • How virus attack on our device ?
  • How It can affect us ?
  • How we can get rid of computer virus ?


What is Computer Virus ?

Virus stands for Vital Information Resources under Siege. It is type of Program that replicates itself when executed by modifying other computer programs . If the replication succeeds the affected areas are infected with the viruses or malware programs.


Types Of Computer Virus ?

  • Ransomware
  • Virus
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Trojan Horse
  • File Infectors

How Computer Virus Attack on our Device ?

  1. Through The Web Browser , About 80% people use unsafe webpages to get cracked applications and from there the bugs and malware files comes to your computer and you don’t get any notice of it.
  2. Pen Drives or Hard Disk – Inserting others pendrive or harddisk can have high risk of transmitting his malware programs to your device also . Always have quick scan after inserting others pendrive from next time.
  3. Email Attachment – We everyday gets various of mails but some mail contains dangerous malware attachment with them and they designed such a attractive way you cant stay without clicking them,  So stay aware from next time.

How Computer Virus affects our device ?

It effects like slow poision , you couldn’t understand easily first of all it will slowly replicate the files from where the virus want to start corrupting our private data and keep transmitting the data to its server and slowly its crash down full PC.


How we can get rid of Computer Virus?

  • Using Licensed Antivirus Software which is already available in websites like KASPERSKY,AVAST,NORTON360,QuickHeal etc.
  • Now a days , Windows it self providing its Antivirus and Firewall we need to activate it only and do a regular deep scan PC to recognize it.
  • Most Important stop using Third Party Application or Browsing unsafe websites it make risk of getting attacked by them .
  • Activate Firewall always for payment security in browser .


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